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drew Kallio
ibfi level 4 bikefitter

Power your cycling with the highest level bike fitting for comfort and efficiency

At BikeFitMobile, we believe in using the power of proper biomechanics and breathing to enhance your cycling experience. Our unique approach to bike fitting helps cyclists of all levels improve their technique, speed, and endurance. With Drew's expert guidance, you'll learn how to pedal more efficiently to your advantage, while we dial in your biomechanics, breathing, allowing you to take your cycling to the next level.


Our unique approach, perfected over 5 decades of fitting, formal training, has elevated Drew to becomong one of the world's foremost bike fitters.  He is dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. Whether you're training for an event(s) or just looking to get fit, we have a flexible fitting protocol that's right for you. Our services includes extensive physical assessment of functional strength, functional mobility, muscular/skeletal history, ride history, utilizing the best tools to both see and show you how you are positioned to pedal on the bike. We're passionate about what we do, we're committed to helping you reach your full potential, which is why we provide 90 days of unlimited followup.


  • Barnett Bicycle Institute Comprehensive Bicycle Mechanics                 -Barnett Bicycle Institute Elite Technicians Program
  • Serotta International Cycling Institute Bike Fit Fundamentals               -Serotta International Cycling Intstitute Advanced Bike Fit Positioning
  • FIST Triathlon Bike Fit Certified                                                                 -FitKit Bike Fit Certified
  • BBI Bike Fit Certified                                                                                   -Trek Precision Fit Advanced Certified
  • CrossFit Endurance Cycling Coach Certified                                            -USA Cycling Bike Fit
  • -IBFI Level 4 Certified-highest bike fitting certification attainable
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